Boris Wolfman and Royal Innovative spreading wings across continents and verticals

Areas of expertise

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Handling, preparation, and storage of food in ways that prevent food-borne illness.


Opportunities are shared while evaluating international food exports and imports through up-to-date data.


New technology tools and equipment that increase agricultural production.


Developments in the agricultural sector, incentives and state supports.


Agricultural activities that transform into development on a realistic level.


Creation of added value in agriculture through real natural agricultural activities.


Turkey's agricultural production center in the world with natural resources and fertile land.


Developments in the world's leading agricultural production countries such as the Netherlands and immediate delivery.


I Am Boris Wolfman.

Royal Innovative has grabbed the attention of industry with a remarkable performance credited to the visionary behind the enterprise – Boris Wolfman. What started off as a regular business venture has now expanded to a very large enterprise with interests straddling industry. The company now has interests in Iron, refrigeration, disposable dinnerware & tableware, mineral water, coal & manganese and fruit/oil exports. This has put the company on the global map with operations in many continents.

The company has entered into tie ups with multiple marketers in various continents and this has been largely possible due to the concerted efforts of Boris Wolfman. With strong focus on technology, the Israeli entrepreneur has carefully selected the lines of business to ensure that the company hits the growth trajectory easily. The biofuels sector is one of the most promising sectors and will be the biggest game changer in the years to come. The world is in need of solutions to meet the energy crisis looming large globally. The combination of the shortfall in energy and the need for a solution to ensure that the environment is not damaged due to rampant exploitation of the natural resources makes biofuels a necessity.

Businessman Boris Wolfman

The need for infrastructure is growing globally and Royal Innovative is integral to the demand and supply chain. The company is in a strategic tie up with various stakeholders for the procurement, trading and delivery of infrastructure related products. Royal Innovative has chosen partners carefully, and the intent has been to leverage the expertise of the partners to ensure that the converged and combined strengths make the combination formidable and successful. Despite the heavy competition in the markets for various products and services, Royal Innovative under the charismatic leadership of Boris Wolfman has managed to carve out a special niche for itself with a reputation as a supplier of high quality.

Demand for disposable tableware and dinnerware is growing globally and the requirements are a combination of regular disposables and biodegradable/compostable products. Royal Innovative, as a responsible player is deeply committed to protecting the environment and has carefully selected an extensive range of products that will meet the demand for disposable tableware and cutlery. This helps to keep the environment free from irreparable damage, while at the same time ensuring that many communities are support with this effort. Small communities rely on the income from these products and Royal Innovative reaches out a hand to help sustain the communities with orders.

Boris Wolfman

Kazakhstan is rich in coal and manganese and the procurement teams of Royal Innovative are at work sourcing high grade materials for onward supplies to Europe. The sourcing teams actively work with mines and governments to handle the requirements and dispatch the consignments to destinations in Europe. The expertise in bulk carrier logistics and the streamlined processes help to ensure that demurrage costs are eliminated, ensuring that the prices to the end buyers are reasonable, while the suppliers receive a fair deal all the time.